Arizona and the Spectacular Southwest USA

Explore the landscape, culture and beauty of Arizona exactly as you wish.

National Parks

Explore the astonishing landscape of the South West national parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Then maybe add some chill time at Lake Powell or Scottsdale


Self-Drive Tours

Hit the iconic Route 66 and explore the heart of America, taking in the Arizona countryside as you head from east to west on the famous old road.

The Old West Experience

Immerse yourself into the Old West with a fab family adventure, exploring iconic locations such as Tombstone, Monument Valley and Sedona.


Ranching Experiences

Experience life on the range with some amazing ranch holidays. Enjoy horseback riding across the awesome terrain, nighttime BBQs, entertainment and family friendly outdoor pursuits. Maybe add a little laidback luxury in with a few days at a Scottsdale resort?


Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon

From the neon glitz of the Vegas strip to the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon National Park. After a few days of hectic fun, explore the Grand Canyon and the astonishing landscapes of the American South West. Stay at Grand Canyon Village, Flagstaff, Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Luxury Locations & Resorts

Stunning hotel resorts throughout the State. From luxury spa breaks in Scottsdale & Phoenix to 5 star ranches near Sedona and Tuscon. Maybe luxurious splendour or rustic charm available from Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to Lake Powell and Bryce.


The above are just some ideas of what’s available to whet your whistle. If you’re looking for an Arizona adventure or wish to include the state as part of your holiday itinerary then please get in touch and we’ll tailor a holiday to suit your wishes. We work with the leading tour operators and US holiday providers to ensure the very best holidays possible. All booked by ABTA licenced travel agents to give you peace of mind that your holiday is protected.

The Grand Canyon State

From desert to mountains, sprawling ranches to stylish city living – Arizona is rich in its diverse landscape and lifestyle


The capital city offers a colourful mix modern urban environment with the traditions of its ‘Ole West’ heritage still in evidence. Enjoy a broad selection of fine dining and nightlife to a rich choice of culture and local arts and native heritage in which to indulge. A perfect base to explore the diverse sights and activities that Arizona has to offer

Known for its sumptuous holiday resorts, this is an oasis of luxuriant holiday pleasure under the huge skies of the Sonoma desert. A city designed for holidaymakers, replete with a choice of restaurants and bars and within easy reach of a plethora of entertainment from golf to ‘wild west’ experiences and trips out into the rugged heartland of this beautiful, arid state. Scottsdale is a hugely popular place to make your base in Arizona, thanks to a range of fantastic hotels across a variety of budgets.

A melting-pot mix of history and culture can be found in Tuscon. An old frontier town, enjoy the rich diversity of Euro, Asian, Mexican and Native cultures. If you’re wanting a base for an American West experience, this is another compelling destination.

Fresh air and stunning mountainous scenery offering a naturally beautiful backdrop to this old town. Another mix of the frontier lifestyle with modern living, Flagstaff is an always popular stop-off on your visit to the Grand Canyon or into the wilderness. Or for those making their way along the iconic Route 66.

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  • Discover the Breathtaking Grand Canyon on foot, by car or flight
  • Iconic Locations from the Old West: from Tombstone to Monument Valley
  • The playground in the desert at Scottsdale – stunning hotel resorts, championship golf, shopping and nightlife
  • Native culture and history
  • Outdoor adventure activities from rivers to rugged mountains
  • Full ABTA protection
  • Twin or Multi Centre – make it a part of your US tour?
  • Independent travel or organised tours – the choice is yours!


Away from the urban sprawl of the seaboard cities and the playground holidays of California and Florida, take a chance to savour the natural beauty, sunshine and scenery of spectacular Arizona.

The southwestern state enjoys the warmth of the sun for most of the year, making it a great place to get away from British weather, indulging in a heady blend of luxury and rugged landscapes.

With its astonishing landscape that simply takes your breath away on first view, to the sumptuous spa resorts, abundance of outdoor pursuits (championship golf, ranching, horseback riding, hiking etc etc) and the mix of modernity with ancient history and culture, the region has something for everyone.

Need to know?

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  • At 113,998 square miles, Arizona is the 6th largest state in the USA. And its popularity as a holiday destination among European holiday-makers seems to increase year on year.
  • Direct Flights available from London to Phoenix. Duration approx 10.5 hours
  • It can get HOT. July and August temperatures average around 40 degrees C. Spring and Autumn are popular times to visit with temperatures of around 27 – 30 degrees
  • Arizona became a state in 1912 (the last of the mainland 48 states to do so). However, the territory played an integral part in America’s western migration, thanks to its copper mining industry
  • There are 21 recognised indegenious peoples in Arizona, including large Navajo & Apache territories. Their histories are rich and varied with cultures and traditions that span centuries.



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