The Disney Ultimate Ticket

Amazing Value for an Amazing Holiday

If you want to get the full experience of Walt Disney World on your Florida holiday, then the Disney Ultimate Ticket is absolutely the way to go for British holiday-makers. And, whether staying in a Disney resort hotel or a villa, hotel or apartment elsewhere in the Orlando area, the Ultimate Ticket represents exceptional value for money.

Experience Every Attraction at Walt Disney World for Less Than £30 per Day

Tell people that you’re heading to Walt Disney World and it’s likely that some people will give you that sucking air through teeth sound as they shake their head and inform you that it’s ridiculously over-priced.

“Oh, I’m sure it’s good,” they might say “But isn’t it just one big cash cow? It’s not exactly value for money, is it?”

Well, yes actually, I believe that is.

Now, I’m not going to tell you a visit to Disney is cheap. That would be silly. It’s not cheap and, to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure that Disney would ever claim to be going for cheap.

But not being cheap and not being value for money are completely different things – and Disney offers UK holiday-makers the chance to experience the entirety of its resort in a fashion that really is excellent value for money. Especially when you start to compare it with other big family holidays.


Epcot at Disney World Florida

The Disney Ultimate Ticket

Ultimate by name, ultimate by nature.

Available as a 7, 14 or 21 day ticket, Disney’s Ultimate Ticket offers visitors the chance to visit each of the 6 main theme parks at the resort as often as they want to for the duration of their stay. So, if you buy the 14-Day Ultimate Ticket (which is generally the most popular) then you have complete access to each of the parks for 14 consecutive days starting from the first day you enter.

What this means in reality

The six main parks at Walt Disney World Resort are:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

From day one of your holiday you have complete access to all of these parks with your Ultimate Ticket.

Expedition Everest Disney's Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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This means you can come and go from each park as often as you wish. If you want to spend some time at Magic Kingdom before hopping over to Epcot then you can. If you want to go home, back to your hotel, villa or apartment, and then return to see the fireworks later at night, then you can do that also. 

Every day – for 14 consecutive days.

And this represents good value, yes?

Well, the one thing to remember is that, once you’ve got your ticket then all the main attractions, rides etc are included within the price. You don’t buy a park ticket and then have to pay extra to go on Space Mountain, for instance.

Think of it this way:

Last summer my family and I spent a day in Brighton. It was a fantastic day out; we had a nice lunch at one of the excellent family friendly restaurants in the town and had a great, old fashioned style laugh on the shows at the end of the pier.

Now, the rides on the pier have a distinctly quaint old-school fun fair charm to them. A rickety old roller-coaster that offer precarious views of the sea below, dodgems and log flume that gets you suitably soaked. Good fun stuff.

And for each ride, you have to pay.

In less than an hour I had paid almost £30 in order for the four of us to enjoy a few of the bigger rides on the pier – 4 rides to be precise.

I didn’t begrudge a penny of it because it was fun.

But compare that to Walt Disney World Resort for a moment.

OK, so an adult 14-Day Ultimate Ticket costs £395 (the same as the 7-Day Ticket on the current special offer) via the Disney website :


That’s about £28 per day, for which you have unlimited access to 6 of the World’s most popular theme parks, offering:

  • Almost 50 different rides
  • Parades & fireworks illuminations
  • Shows
  • A variety of other attractions. 


And there’s More

What a lot of people don’t realise, however, is that the Disney Ultimate Ticket is NOT JUST a passport into the theme parks.

It’s the heartbeat of all you do at Walt Disney World and when you use them properly, the value you receive and the fun you have just gets better and better.


You may have heard about Disney’s Fastpass+ system.

This is the system which enables guests to get ahead of the queues on the best rides in the park. And it’s a great system – if you know how to really use it.

Which is where your Disney Ultimate Ticket can come to the fore. 

One of the key things to note about the Fastpass+ system is that you are only able to reserve 3 rides at a time in any one park.

Eg. You can reserve to ride 3 of the best rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. However, you can’t reserve any more Fastpass+ rides until you have used these first 3.

Many see this as a restriction on the system – with the peak times to experience the best rides all booked up by the time you get to the park.

However, a little bit of forward planning and the versatility of the Disney Ultimate Ticket will make the Fastpass+ system work an absolute charm, allowing you to experience all that you wish with the minimum of stress and fuss.


Even More Value from your Ultimate Ticket

You see, what many people don’t realise, is that the value doesn’t just begin and end with your entry to the theme parks. It also offers up additional entertainment features. Such as:

  • FREE access to: Disney‘s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course & Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course (one round per day per person for the duration of your stay)
  • PlayStation® Pavilion Access
  • Golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Access to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (pre-booking required)


When you purchase an Ultimate ticket for Walt Disney World, you’ll also receive a FREE Disney Memory Maker. This enables you to capture all those amazing moments at each Walt Disney World park. The Memory Maker digitally stores all photos taken in the parks from the official Disney PhotoPass photographer pictures ( which includes all those ride photos of you screaming, laughing, waving etc), so everyone in the party is included and you have some amazing memories stored forever. The ‘at-the-gate’ purchase price of the memory maker is $199 (so yet more value).

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