St Armands Circle Sarastoa CollageWe love St Armands Circle at Florida Travel Service.

And, if you’ve been there, chances are you’ll love it as well.

This is where the Sarasota beaches meet. A few miles across the spectacular causeway from bayside Sarasota, St Armands Circle is the picturesque junction between the popular, sprawling sands of Lido Beach and the peaceful, slightly opulent luxury of Longboat Key.

And the Circle represents this meeting of tastes and style; a mix of refinement and laid back fun.

Boutique retailers snuggle up to cafes, bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants of the finer dining variety, all based around the colourful, tropical flora of the large roundabout at its centre.

Day or night it’s a place bustling with life, yet still able to retain a certain peaceful air. Holiday revellers and locals alike line the wide pavements, watching the world go by as they sip something cold and enjoy the many different cuisines on offer. Italian, Latin American, Classic American or French cuisine there’s something for just about every palette and enough choice to accommodate couples, groups and families.

Among the food and drink there’s a delightful array of designer shops, galleries and boutiques, as well as a few of the more touristy retailers you might expect for a place near the seaside. However, there’s nothing crass or tacky about the shops in St Armands Circle. Set out in low level  colonial style buildings and tastefully coloured in Floridian pastels the architecture lends itself to the cool charm of the place and affords a scenic backdrop among the tall palm trees and perfectly manicured lawns and hedgerows.

If you’re looking for a way to escape the midday heat then St Armands Circle is the perfect spot to visit, to find a seat under the parasols and fans of the roadside cafes or air-conditioned restaurants. Frequently on previous visits we’ve found the Circle a great way to break up the day on searing hot summer afternoons. A late lunch or early dinner before heading back to the beach to savour to beauty of a Gulf Coast Sunset.

But then, of course, this is a place that can really come alive at night.

As the sun goes down so the evening revellers come out, filling the bars and restaurants and taking the opportunity for a gentle stroll along the spotless sidewalks, window shopping or flashing the cash and cards on some tasteful gifts, designer clothes or local artwork.

Yes, we love St Armands Circle, a cool gem in the Sarasota heat.

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