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If you’re heading to Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort for your next holiday, chances are that you’ve given at least a little bit of thought to the perennial issue of large volumes of people all heading in the same direction as you and the prospect of large queues.

Well, it is the most popular theme park attraction in the world so, chances are, whenever you’re heading out there, you are going to have to share the place with a good number of other folk.

But in our opinion, this really shouldn’t put you off in the slightest – for one thing, if the crowds weren’t there then there wouldn’t be anywhere near as much atmosphere to the place.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle


Ok, so there’s the issue of the queues.

And yes, the parks do get busy and the queues do get long.

But that doesn’t mean that you should have to spend your time within them.

With some research and pre-planning and a little bit of inside information you can make huge inroads into minimising the amount of time you spend lining up for that next big ride and maximising the amount of quality time with the family in one of the GREAT holiday destinations in the world.

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