Skull Island: Reign of Kong™ Now Open at Universal Orlando®.



Skull Island: The Reign of Kong™ is the latest major attraction to be unveiled at Universal Orlando®. It’s been in the making for a couple of years now. If you’ve visited Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ over the past 12 months you will have noticed the burgeoning area growing up adjacent to the Jurassic World area. 

And this week, the curtain was pulled back to reveal the zone and the ride just in time for the glut of Brits heading over to Orlando for the summer holidays.

Return of the King 

For those with a sense of nostalgia for the old Universal Studio days, having King Kong back as a major feature of the parks is a pleasing nod back to the heritage of the park. And, indeed, to the gloriously monster-based history of the studio itself. 

Back in the heady, early and really rather innocent days of the Universal park (when it was just ONE park and way before IoA and Wizarding Worlds) there were a number of classic features from the Universal movies cannon. The Jaws ride, a classic Back to the Future ride, an Earthquake adventure. 

And Kong.

The King Kong ride back then took the theme from the classic 1930s monster movie, where the giant ape goes walkabout through the streets of Manhattan. We, as gleeful participants, would get close to the action thanks to a cable car ride. 

It was all rather simplistic. But it was great fun nonetheless. 

What of Skull Island?

Well, to tell you the truth, we don’t know, yet. 

And why spoil the surprise? Finding out the thrills of a new ride in person is part of the joy, isn’t it?

The background though is that this new incarnation will take us to the KK’s home world – the eponymous Skull Island (of which a film with Tom Hiddlestone, among others, is in production as we speak). 

Which almost certainly means an immersive adventure into a land of creepy crawlies, twists, turns and beastly doings. If our experiences with the other quite brilliant adventures at the park are anything to go by. 

What Universal have achieved with their themed rides and ‘worlds’ from the astonishing Harry Potter areas to the high-octane Spiderman (and soon to be re-born Hulk ride), is remarkable. 

And the Kong ride will surely be just another amazing adventure. And yet more reason to visit. 

Express Pass?

It’s unclear just at the moment if the new ride will be eligible for Express Pass use. Upon opening Express Passes were not permitted and all had to use the regular queue. 

However, that’s not uncommon with a new feature. 

After all, the designers have almost certainly gone to extraordinary lengths to create a story that begins in the queue and would want everyone to get a flavour of that (albeit courtesy of some hefty waiting times!). 

We don’t know about the future – although our personal guess is that after a period of time, Express Passes will be permitted. 

[OUR VIEW: Stay on site at a resort hotel if you can. Especially one of the hotels that offer Express Passes as complimentary. Careful planning and timing your visits can keep the queues to a minimum). 


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